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We want to thank you very much for your communication and for your interest in our creative work. Our philosophy goes beyond the limits of a film recording .


Our purpose is to listen to her your story and show it through our film! We attach great importance to human relationships as only through them we will be able to present you the result you have dreamed of !


It would be a special honor for us to record such a unique moment of your life!

Stamatis Liontos

Director / Production Manager

Congratulations on the happy news of your Wedding !


At BOWTIE Cinematography, we believe every love story deserves to be told with passion, creativity, and authenticity. Our dedicated team of filmmakers is committed to capturing the essence of your special day, preserving every precious moment and emotion.


We take pride in our attention to detail, cinematic approach, and personalized service, ensuring that each wedding film we create is as unique and memorable as the couples we have the honor of working with. With a blend of artistry and storytelling, we transform your wedding day into a timeless film that you will cherish for a lifetime.


This package involves one day of filming and captures every significant moment of your special day with elegance and artistry.


Director Stamatis Liontos and one professional cinematographer will ensure that no moment goes unnoticed, providing multiple perspectives and comprehensive coverage of your wedding day. We will capture the intimate and exciting moments of both the bride and groom's preparations. From the exchange of vows to the first kiss as a married couple, our team will film the entire ceremony with the utmost attention to detail, preserving the essence and significance of this pivotal moment. We will document the beauty and ambiance of your wedding venue, capturing the decorations, setup, and the overall atmosphere that makes your day unique. Our aerial drone shots will provide breathtaking views of your wedding location, adding a cinematic touch to your film and showcasing the venue from a stunning perspective.

Our team is dedicated to making you feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire process. On your wedding day, we seamlessly integrate into the background, capturing every important moment without disrupting the natural flow of events. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the joy of your celebration, knowing that every precious memory is being beautifully documented.


• 2 Cinematographers

• Groom & Bride Preparation

• Filming Wedding  Coverage

• Reception Coverage (3 hours from your entrance)

• Main Drone Aerial Shots

• Audio coverage

• Professional Colour Grading

• Professional Audio Sound Design & Mixing

• Multicam Coverage of the wedding

• Online private sharing page

• Download Links



• Aerial Drone Footage Capture “Local Laws - Weather Permitting”

• VAT 24% not included

• Travel, accommodation and expenses are not included

• 40% in advance upon closing the date, 60% before the wedding day


• 4-5 min 4K Highlight Film

• 25 min approximately 4K Feature Film 


5 Months After The Completion Of The Filming


• VAT 24% not included

• Extra Video with whole ceremony with natural sound / € 200

• Extra Video with whole party with natural sound / € 250

• Extra Video with whole speeches with natural sound /  € 150

• Extra Video with whole interviews with natural sound /  € 150

• Extra Video with whole prewedding with natural sound /  € 200


• Prewedding video shooting  / € 500

• Next Day video shooting  / € 500

• Filming Interviews of Bride & Groom (required next day video shooting) / € 150

• Extra drone pilot for the wedding day / € 400

• Extra cinematographer for the wedding day / € 400   

• Express Delivery (30 Days) / € 400

• Protection of personal data / € 350

  (In case you do not want the trailer of your wedding to be uploaded on our website) 

• Delivery of original RAW files to hard disk / € 500


A film is judged by the script, the direction, the editing, the quality of the image, the music and the feeling that evokes in us.


Our professional equipment guarantees a unique cinematic experience, and as for the feeling we will be there to record your joy, emotion and every unique moment !


It will be an honor for us to be the ones who will keep the story one and the same forever. A story that will last through time !


Maziar & Fatima

Services : Basic Package 

Additional Services : 

Pre Wedding video shooting 

Next Day video shooting

Filming Interviews of Bride & Groom

Extra Videos : 

Extra Video with whole ceremony with natural sound 

Extra Video with whole party with natural sound

Extra Video with whole prewedding with natural sound  

Michal & Beata

Services : Basic Package

Additional Services : Next Day video shooting

Thaaoo & Illiana

Services : Basic Package

Nicholas & Anastasia














Services : Wedding Day


Extra Videos : 

Extra Video with whole ceremony with natural sound 

Extra Video with whole party with natural sound 

Nikos & Marilena

Services : Basic Package

Nicholas & Georgia

Services : Basic Package

Anastasia & Nicholas

We would like to thank the BOWTIE team for their investment and professionalism from the start to the end. On the wedding day, Stamati was kind, patient and attentive while preparing the bride.

He gave her confidence for the whole day, which allowed Anastasia to look natural and fulfilled on the images. Their presence was truly part of why our wedding was such a wonderful day.

Indeed, their smiles, their compliments and their energy facilitated integration and contact with all the guests to put everyone comfortable.

The result reflects their personality: exceptional.

Benjamic & Coni

We had the pleasure of Stamatis from BOWTIE cinematography, Film our Rhodes, Greece wedding in 2023. His professionalism and creativity were evident throughout the whole process. Through FaceTimes from Australia to Greece, multiple email threads and endless amounts of question, Stamatis was always a calming and reassuring asset to our wedding planning process.

The final video beautifully captured every moment, and his friendly approach made the experience enjoyable. We highly recommend Stamatis for his exceptional skills in creating a memorable and personalised cinematography wedding video.

Michal & Beata

We had an extraordinary time with BOWTIE Cinematography. Their experienced team brought a lot of creative ideas, covered every detail, resulting in a very professional video.

The nature vibes which we requested were beautifully captured and maintained. The results exceeded our expectations!

Choosing BOWTIE was a great decision, and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again. Our memories with them are simply unforgettable. Highly recommended!


How long have you been a wedding videographer?

  • I have been capturing weddings for over 10 years, working across various beautiful locations in Greece. My experience allows me to adapt to any setting or style preference, ensuring that every couple's vision is beautifully realized.

Do you travel to different islands in Greece for weddings?

  • Yes, I am available to travel to all islands and locations within Greece. Whether your wedding is in the bustling streets of Santorini or the tranquil shores of Crete, I’m there to capture your day.

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