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BOWTIE Cinematography was created by award-winning director and cinematographer Stamatis Liontos for a single purpose.

Create your Wedding Films!

It consists of well-known and experienced filmmakers, sound engineers and professionals who always do their best to achieve this goal.

And why wedding movies? But because we love cinema, we love people, we love intense moments and marriage is the opportunity to create these images that will keep your memories timeless!

Stamatis Liontos

I was born and raised in Athens of Greece. My passion  for filmmaking led me to win 77 awards at international film competitions on short documentaries projects.

As the founder and director of BOWTIE Cinematography, I am deeply inspired by the profound narratives of love and commitment that unfold in every wedding we film. Each couple's special day is a canvas upon which the most beautiful emotions are painted, and it's my privilege to capture those fleeting moments with reverence and authenticity. My passion for storytelling drives me to seek out the essence of each couple's unique love story, infusing every frame with the raw emotion and genuine connection that make weddings such magical occasions.


Through my lens, I strive to not only document the events of the day but to encapsulate the essence of the love that binds two souls together, creating timeless cinematic masterpieces that will be cherished for generations to come.

I created BOWTIE Cinematography because I strongly believe in human relationships and I feel that through them, I am becoming better as a human and as professional .... So let's get to know each other!

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