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Maziar & Fatima  

Τhree separate days we shared together with Maziar and Fatima. We learned about their love story, we were moved, we laughed, we had fun, but above all we became part of such a special story. A Turkish wedding full of traditional elements. Guests from all corners of the world joined in the name of love. This is the power of love!

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Nicolas & Anastasia

Anastasia and Nicholas's wedding day was a celebration of love that transcended borders, as they journeyed from Belgium to the picturesque island of Rhodes.The festivities continued into the night, with music, laughter, and dancing under the stars. Against the backdrop of the ancient island, Anastasia and Nicholas celebrated their love surrounded by the warmth and blessings of their family and friends.

Georgia & Nicholas

Under the August sun of Rhodes, Georgia and Nicholas shared this unique day with us. A really very special day as the organization was excellent and the couple declared their love for us every moment we filmed.Georgia and Nicholas... we wish your life to be as happy as you were on that unique day!

Thaao & Illiana

The magical wedding of Thaao and Illiana on the enchanting Rhodes Island in Greece was nothing short of a fairy tale come to life. Set against the backdrop of the Aegean Sea, with its crystal-clear waters and breathtaking sunsets, the couple's celebration was a perfect blend of romance, tradition, and pure magic.

Panagiotis & Tharreni

Two people who met at university and their love remained unchanged over the years shared their story with us. Two special days together with Panagiotis and Tharreni in a fantastic wedding with guests from all corners of Greece. We felt the amazing feeling when two people look at each other and time stops for them. Panagioti & Tharreni we wish you always be happy!

Manolis & Fenia

Α fantastic wedding took place on the enchanting island of Rhodes. Manolis and Fenia confirmed their love in a fantastic event that will be unforgettable. From Fenia’s wedding dress, Manolis’ suit to the last detail, everything had a unique touch. Thank you Fenia and Manolis for the excellent cooperation.

Benjamin & Coni

Coni and Benjamin , hailing all the way from Australia, brought a unique blend of cultures and personal touches to their destination wedding. The azure waters, ancient architecture, and lush greenery surrounding Kalithea Springs of Rhodes Island , Greece set the stage for a picturesque ceremony that perfectly mirrored the love shared.

Nikos & Marilena

Under the summer sky of the island of Tinos in Greece Nikos and Marilena Mavilis made us feel again and again the unique feeling of love. We had two fantastic days together and we shared moments from the past and the present. We became friends and through this journey we present to you the wedding trailer.

Tara & Michael Angelo

In the picturesque setting of Rhodes Island, Greece, the union of Tarra and Michael Angelo unfolded amidst the timeless beauty of the Aegean Sea. Their love story culminated in a memorable ceremony held at the enchanting St Sophia Chapel.

Following the heartfelt exchange of rings, the newlyweds celebrated their union in style at the breathtaking Kallithea Springs, a venue steeped in history and adorned with natural splendor.

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Payton Hillman

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Max Johnson

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Chloe Wilson

Michal & Beata 

Michal and Beata's wedding day in Rhodes exuded simplicity and intimacy as they chose to have a minimalistic beach ceremony. The couple, surrounded by the vastness of the sea and the gentle sound of waves, exchanged their vows on the sandy shores, creating a serene and uncluttered atmosphere.The couple chose an elegant villa as the venue, providing an intimate and romantic setting for their special day.

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