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We were beyond thrilled with the exceptional service provided by our wedding Filmmaker on our special day. Their talent and professionalism truly made our wedding day magical. From the initial consultation to the final delivery of our breathtaking videos, every moment was captured with precision and creativity.

Our Filmmaker seamlessly blended into the day, capturing both candid moments and posed shots with ease. Their attention to detail and ability to capture the emotions of the day resulted in stunning images that we will cherish forever. We cannot thank them enough for their dedication and artistry in creating timeless memories of our wedding day.


We highly recommend them to anyone seeking a Filmmaker who goes above and beyond to exceed expectations!

Maziar & Fatima

How long have you been a wedding videographer?

  • I have been capturing weddings for over 10 years, working across various beautiful locations in Greece. My experience allows me to adapt to any setting or style preference, ensuring that every couple's vision is beautifully realized.

Do you travel to different islands in Greece for weddings?

  • Yes, I am available to travel to all islands and locations within Greece. Whether your wedding is in the bustling streets of Santorini or the tranquil shores of Crete, I’m there to capture your day.


  • Εvery celebration is unique and that's how we want to approach it. You can contact us to send you our price list and it would be our pleasure to then create a financial offer based on your needs.

  • As soon as we send you our price list, we temporarily reserve your date for 10 days. Within these 10 days you can choose the combination of services you want for your wedding day and then we can proceed to create a private agreement which you sign on both sides. Then pay 40% of the amount + VAT 24% and from that moment our cooperation is valid. In the event that, from the date we send you the financial offer, we do not receive any response within the next 10 days, your date release.

  • Our priority is to discuss and interact as through this time we will share together we will be able to understand your personalities and the style that will suit you. We would like you to respect the artistic freedom of our creativity and trust us to create a special story for you.

  • Our services exclusively concern filming as we believe that specialization in a specialty can create a truly very unique result. As we have worked with very special photographers, we are able to recommend and communicate the service of photographing your wedding day with them.

  • As our priority is the distinct departure of your story, we consider it very important to be there one day before the day of filming in locations within Greece and 2-3 days earlier in international destinations. In this way we have the ability to see the locations and calculate the distances of the points, also we can direct your day based on the environment and the lighting. Finally, we avoid any changes in flight schedules.

  • As the wedding day is unique and there is no possibility to re-shoot the day of the shooting, all the cinematographers have two cameras with them which write simultaneously on two cards, so it is backed up in real time. The filmed footage is saved the next day on 3 hard disks.

  • The original RAW files are not stored forever. The original RAW files are stored for 1 year from the day of filming and the final video files are stored for 3 years.

  • The basic offer package concerns the filming of  Drone aerial Landscape shots from the locations where the ceremony and reception will take place. It does not include filming your entrance into the ceremony, your entrance at the reception and the first dance.

    The use of an extra Drone pilot includes all of the above as well as filming of your entrance at the ceremony, your entrance into the reception and the first dance.

  • We deliver your movies digitally with download links through a platform where you can very easily share, download and watch your movies in 4K resolution. You can also through our application create an icon with your day on your mobile phone for easy access.

  • So far we have not encountered such a situation. We are very careful in the days before an event and make sure we are in a state of alertness for your day.

    Should such an unfortunate moment occur as to prevent us from attending your wedding, we will do our best to arrange a replacement cinematographer of the same quality as we have a very tight network of partners to assist in such an extreme circumstance.

    Alternatively, we would return your full investment and allow you to make your own arrangements if you so choose.

  • Our equipment is exclusively from SONY. We consider it very important for cameras, lenses and sd cards to have perfect optimization

  • The smallest team that can handle a wedding is 2 filmmakers. As our priority is the best cinematic performance of your day, we do not want to present you with anything less than what you have seen through our productions.

  • Travel and accommodation expenses are not included in the pricing for our price list. The needs of each wedding are different as are the distances. For this reason we would like to discuss together how many events you will have and how many days of stay we will need.

  • Of course you can. You can inform us by email what services you would like for your day and we can create a financial offer just for you.

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